Melody Gardot – un album live…

Cadeau de Noël idéal pour les amateurs de jazz, Melody Gardot vous évitera de vous faire des nœuds au cerveau en sortant un album live, et il y a 2 CD dedans en plus…

« I dreamed to have a live album since many years ago. Something that would be a dedication to the people who welcomed us all over the world.
At first, I had wanted to seek out the « best of » in a way that would illustrate the most perfect performances from our concerts over the last few years. I struggled listening to over 300 shows, judging, analyzing and critiquing every solo, every note, every phrase … and then suddenly, I remembered the point of all of this … why this album exists as it does is simply down to the ‘feeling’, the nostalgia, the memory – its not about perfection or ego or demonstration – it’s just about what happens live – because live there is only one element that counts: Heart.
This album holds my heart, and the love of all the people who supported us along the way. It is as much a gift to me, for the memories it holds, as it is my gift to you, the listener. This album is simply a very long thank you to all of you.
I am forever grateful. »

Non, ce n’est pas une interview exclusive Ecran du Son
Bon que dire de plus, sinon vous présenter la pochette de l’album qui ravira beaucoup de paires d’yeux… encore un beau cadeau de Noël avant l’heure !

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