Interview – Laish


Ecran du Son: Laish is your stage name.
I did my homework, so I know it can refer to a city in Palestine, or it can be a Hebrew word meaning “the tribe of Dan”, or it can mean ‘lion’. Which one is the right answer?
Danny Green: I think they’re all correct. I discovered the word, so when I heard it was “the tribe of Dan”… because my name is Danny, I thought it was kind of cool you know. And then of course I read about it and, the connection with Israel, Palestine… and it’s mentioned in the Bible… I believe in Arabic it also means ‘why?’… So it has many meanings but for me, “the tribe of Dan” was the most accurate.

EDS: You both live in London. What are your favourite places to go? What are the best venues for gigs?
Talitha: One of my favourite venues is the Lexington in Islington. It’s got beautiful sounds, and it’s the right size. And they always promote amazing artists there.
Danny: If you want to see really good folk music, then the Harrison in Kings Cross is very good because it’s tiny, you can only fit less than a hundred people. It’s a basement room. You cannot talk when you’re in there because everybody tells you to hush… Upstairs it’s a really rowdy bar, it’s very noisy, and everyone’s having fun… but you go downstairs and it’s like… very quiet! And you always meet interesting musicians…
Talitha: I also think it’s worth walking around and not having a plan. Especially in East London from Kingsland Road up to Hackney Wick. […] People plan so much in London. It’s like “I have to go there, and then I have to go there…” But spontaneity you know, it really works, but people forget to do that!

EDS: What are your networking tips for unprofessional musicians (like me … ok self-interest here! ^^)?
Danny: If you can help somebody else, they can help you. This is how it works. You need to share information, and a good call comes back to you. And always go to gigs – you only meet musicians and promoters at gigs.

EDS: Who’s your favourite artist?
Danny: I’ve got so many… At the moment, I really love an American songwriter called Ezra Furman. If I was going to pigeon-hole him horribly, I would say he’s like a cross between David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen… with a bit of 50s rock’n’roll.
Talitha: I really like expressive, thoughtful, deep, minimal music at the moment. The more minimal the better. I listen to a lot of instrumental music as well. I love Andy Shauf at the moment.
Danny: Yeah, an amazing Canadian guy. His last two albums are incredible.
Talitha: Otherwise, there’s a lot of amazing artists on Talitres (their label) as well. Friends of ours: Rozi Plain, Rachael Dadd… Beautiful musicians, amazing, underrated.


Tea or coffee?
Both: Tea.

Lager, ale, or stout?
Talitha: Stout!
Danny: yeah, she’s a Guinness girl! I’m ale … 100%.

Leader or follower?
Danny: Musically I can be a leader, but I also like to follow sometimes.

Damien Rice or All Sons & Daughters?
Talitha: Someone broke up with me while we were listening to Damien Rice! I was about 20. So I hate!
Danny: “I’m sure he’s a lovely guy!”

Camping or hotel?
Both: Camping.

Moderation or excess?
Talitha: We do yoga, so… ^^

Security or adventure?
Both: Adventure!

Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?
Talitha: How I Met Your Mother!
Danny: I’ve never seen HIMYM.
Talitha: No, you have!! You’re lying!
Danny: Ok err… Grand designs! ^^

What would the perfect title of your autobiography be? “Let’s get naked?”
Danny: Yes! ^^ I love that one!
Talitha: “Nothern Boy Gets Naked”! ^^
Danny: “The Pendulum Swung”. Sorry it’s a very bad joke!
Talitha: I like “Let’s Get Naked!” Ok the serious answer would be…
Danny: “Laish should be a lion.”
Talitha: An autobiography of the life would be… Maybe: “It’s too deep.”
Danny: “Lost for Laish”.

Un interview rondement menée par Céline “Morrow” Moreau…

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