Le Son du moment – Any Given Day / Loveless

De temps à autre, il est nécessaire de bien nettoyer ses oreilles… quoi de mieux qu’un bon métalcore pour ça ?

Any Given Day sont allemand et ils viennent de sortir leur album Overpower

« Loveless’ is the second single, and it went through a long process of development having changed a few times. There were different versions of the chorus which got revised several times, music wise and lyrically. We let this song grow organically, to bring out the best of it! ‘Loveless’ is about feeling imprisoned within yourself and being one’s own worst enemy. You want to escape or change but it’s not enough. Life has its down sides, but the ones who fight and hang on will see – the darkest hour is just before the dawn. »

N’est-ce pas ?

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